Salsa Dancing in Miami

Salsa Racing Dance Studios

Salsa Racing Dance Studios was created by professional instructors, united as a family, and dedicated to teaching Salsa dancing with ease and efficiency. Our mission is to ensure our students' maximum comfort while transforming them into confident dancers in a stress relieving environment. At Salsa Racing we not only encourage everyone to learn to dance Salsa, but to experience tradition and culture as well. Our studios welcome men, women and children of all ages to have fun and learn to dance at all levels of interest and capabilities, in a time-frame which rests solely on their desire to progress. Our classes range from beginner levels to master levels with 12 levels in between, including a basic level. At Salsa Racing you have the opportunity to become a professional dancer and/or simply make new friends and enjoy the hobby. Salsa Racing Dance Studios and our instructors are qualified professionals in Latin rhythms such as Merengue, Cha-cha-chá, Guaguancó and specializing in Cuban style salsa, known as "Casino", both one-on-one and Rueda de Casino. Our style emulates and continues the Cuban tradition that begun at Havana's Casino Deportivo in the 1950's, where it was danced to the sound of the band "Conjunto Casino" (from where it's name was derived). We call out many of the original turns like Setenta, El Dedo, Pártele el Brazo, Sombrero and many more. However, throughout the years Salsa dancing has grown in all dimensions innovating many new and exciting steps and turns, all taught at Salsa Racing. At Salsa Racing you can learn over 350 turns, all individually named and most directed with hand signals, as we maintain the Latin flavor while teaching you in a short period of time to enjoy dancing with flavor, guaranteed. At Salsa Racing "our pride" is "our tradition".